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16.06.2015 Olesya Mykhailenko Studied Mediation Aspects in the Area of the Intellectual Property Law

Olesya Mykhailenko, Associate at Gvozdiy and Oberkovych Law Firm participated in a Round Table Conference named Mediation in the area of the intellectual property law (hereinafter – the IP), which was held on June 11, 2015 by the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine together with National Association of Mediators of Ukraine.

16.06.2015 Valentyn Gvozdiy Delivered a Speech at the Conference Entitled “Court Reform, Strategic Planning and Further Effect”

Mr. Valentyn Gvozdiy, Managing Partner of Gvozdiy and Oberkovych Law Firm, as Deputy Chairman of the Bar Council of Ukraine, spoke at the conference named “Court reform: strategic planning and further effect”, held at the Supreme Court of Ukraine with the support from the European Union on June 15, 2015.

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Valentyn Gvozdiy Valentyn Gvozdiy
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Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm celebrates its 10th anniversary

Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm was established ten years ago when a young lawyer from the city of Khmelnytsykyi – Valentyn Gvozdiy – decided to take a sharp turn in his life and realize his ambitious dreams. Sweeping relocation to Kyiv, keen interest in complex legal field, desire to apply legal knowledge in practice and try his hand in management of a private legal business was a driving force for establishment of the new firm. Some time later Sergiy Oberkovych, the Attorney, joined the firm as a partner giving the push to the firm’s involvement into major international projects and fostering the development of new practices connected with international law.

Principles of professional ethics, commitment to work, impeccable service, respect and attention to the clients and society constitute a foundation on which the firm and its present day values were built.

First three employees are still employed by the firm. Today we are very grateful to them for their belief in the common goal from day one, for their loyalty and professional contribution throughout all these years. Back then, in 2003, the first office of the firm was very compact and modest but it did not impede the employees’ eagerness towards assisting our clients and desire to be useful where the legal expertise was required. In those days nobody could imagine how dynamic our plans would become and what results the company would achieve.

At present we have two fully functional offices in Kyiv and Odessa, and are ready to represent the interests of our clients in any region of the country.

In short perspective we are planning to broaden the extent of our activities abroad in order to serve customers, in particular, in the Russian Federation and Germany. The firm’s litigation, tax, corporate and criminal law practice areas concentrate the lion’s share of the orders, were highly recognized by foreign and national legal top lists and guarantee effectiveness and success of the firm.

The firm’s professional team consists of 30 lawyers and 10 competent administrative employees assisting the lawyers in their everyday work. All these employees comprise cohesive, highly-qualified and devoted collective bearing responsibility for expert legal solutions and customer care. By drafting thousands of pages of legal memos, opinions, statements of claim and notices of appeal, giving multiple phone calls and sending great number of e-mail letters our colleagues are taking great care of legal safety of our clients’ business matters thereby writing new challenges and victories into the history of the firm.

We are proud of our team and thankful for excellent work it performs and, more than that, we are grateful for your sincere hearts that you contribute to our common goal every day! We express special gratitude to everyone of you for your interest in the current state of legal profession and legislative environment surrounding us. We highly value your efforts to develop recommendations and initiatives for exploring the history and reforming the current legislation implemented together with the National Bar Association of Ukraine and the Association of Ukrainian Attorneys.


Private concert on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the firm

All the present results and achievements of the firm are indicative of our clients’ loyalty and respect towards our legal team. We are boundlessly grateful to our business partners for ten active years of close cooperation in handling complex and challenging tasks. We are doing our best to make your business more structured, progressive and steady in defending your rights and assets and you are helping us to foster our sense of responsibility, tenacity against adverse conditions and creativity making it possible to feel the “appetite” for legal profession and work up an individual style of work.

We wholeheartedly congratulate everyone on the 10-th anniversary of Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm! This is our common celebration and we are grateful to you for this!

We believe that the dreams come true and that they may be fulfilled as twice as fast if your diligence and confidence in your own abilities and efforts give energy to move forward, daily assure you of correctness of you chosen direction and your fortune helps you to meet new good people!

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