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16.06.2015 Olesya Mykhailenko Studied Mediation Aspects in the Area of the Intellectual Property Law

Olesya Mykhailenko, Associate at Gvozdiy and Oberkovych Law Firm participated in a Round Table Conference named Mediation in the area of the intellectual property law (hereinafter – the IP), which was held on June 11, 2015 by the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine together with National Association of Mediators of Ukraine.

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Legal Updates

23.09.2016 Legal updates as of September 23, 2016

Authors: Kateryna Manoylenko, Roman Gumenyuk

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1.Manufacturing of organic products will be rehashed

2.Approved list of goods and exchanges to control transfer pricing

3.Improved procedure for obtainment of state support by farms

4.Reduced discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine (to 15 %)

5.Modified finance, credit and foreign exchange regulation

15.09.2016 Legal updates as of September 15, 2016

Authors: Natalia Mysnyk, Arthur Kozak

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1.New procedure for registration of titles approved

2.PROZORRO system can be integrated with the uniform state registry of legal entities and private entrepreneurs

3.Tourist trip financed by trade union to be considered as fringe benefit

4.NBU has regulated operation of BANKID system

5.Mobile groups to start work at customs

6.Government obliged the registrars to verify court awards before committing registration acts

08.09.2016 Legal updates as of September 08, 2016

Authors: Valeriy Savva, Oleksandr Melnyk

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1. NBU allowed to increase statutory fund at the expense of debt obligations denominated in foreign currencies

2. THE NBU reduced its discount rate

3. THE NBU annulled the requirement to obtain price expert assessment act for the purpose of import of services

4. Procedure for performance by banks of analysis and verification of documents (information) on financial transactions and parties thereto approved

5. New licensing authorities list approved

6. Licenses may be obtained on-line

7. Procedure for registration of imported medicines simplified

8. New procedure for state registration of titles to properties and encumbrances thereon approved

9. State service for intellectual property to be liquidated

10. New standard forms of VAT reimbursement documents implemented

11. Employers entitled to reimbursement for ATO participants employment

12.08.2016 Legal updates as of August 12, 2016

Authors: Natalia Mysnyk, Andriy Korniyenko

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1.NBU updated List of Risky Banking Operations

2.Customers Licensed to Buy Currency for Amount up to UAH 150 Thousand without Passports

3.National Commission for Securities and Stock Market Opens Access to Public Database Containing Open Information on Securities Market

4.Law on Temporary Reduction on Excise Duty on Second Hand Cars in Effect

5.Electronic Document Flow between Banks and Their Customers during Forex Transactions Implemented

6.Ukraine’s Supreme Court Explained Specifics of Nullification of Legal Deeds Executed by Legal Entity’s Governance Body Exceeding Its Powers

7.The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Published Draft Resolution on Temporary Cancellation of Oversight over Prices for Goods and Services in the Areas of Production and Sale of Food Products

17.03.2016 Legal updates as of March 17, 2016

Authors: Sergiy Oberkovych, Oleksandr Melnyk

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1. NBU simplified conditions of settlements in transactions on imports of energy products

2. NBU explained the right of banks to refuse customer in financial transaction
3. Ministry of Finance defined procedure for cancellation of penalties accrued on amount of tax liability

4. SFS explained features of the special VAT regime

5. Cabinet of Ministers simplified procedure of customs formalities for certain products

6. Documents can be submitted to Ministry of Economic Development in electronic form

7. It is offered to cancel requirements on compulsory use of seals in full
8. Consignment Notes in Transportation by road can be made in any form

9. Technical
regulations for bottles used as measuring tanks are in force