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Valentyn Gvozdiy visited conference of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

At the invitation of the Council of Europe the Managing Partner of Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm Valentyn Gvozdiy visited «The Help Conference» held at the end of June in Strasbourg (France). He visited the conference in the capacity of the Deputy Head of the Council of Attorneys.

Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm opened its new office in Odesa

In June this year a new office of Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm started its work in Odesa. It was established through affiliation of local professional law firm B&G headed by Maksym Boldin, the Attorney. New Odesa office employs 10 lawyers who have been successfully working in Odesa for a long time.

Our Law Firm is the Finalist with Legal Awards 2013 Survey

Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm and its partners have been named the finalists of this year’s Legal Awards survey, an annual project by Yuridicheskaya Praktika Publishing House. Thus, they have been featured among Top 3 market leaders in the following categories:
Best Law Firm for Distressed Assets
∙ Best Tax Lawyer - Valentyn Gvozdiy
∙ Best Criminal Attorney - Angelika Sitsko

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Crisis management

If a business owner starts having reasonable suspicions or reveals instances of fraud or other abuses committed by top management of the company and/or other company officials attorneys of our firm will help to prove facts of offences, liquidate their consequences and built an effective system of management and control in order to avoid similar situations in the future.

Abuse of official positions and fraudulent activities committed by top management or other officials result in decrease of profitability or even in unprofitability of a certain company even in the absence of any objective reasons for this. Apart from that such actions lead to damaging or loss of reputation among the clients, key contractors as well as other market participants.

Our attorneys have the necessary expertise and knowledge about types of different schemes of abuse of authority and fraud. In such way by transferring the company management functions to our specialist - anti-crisis manager – or by bringing him into one of the executive bodies the company owner will be able to quickly and effectively resolve the existing problems.

In the course of execution of anti-crisis measures the services of Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm stipulate for the list of necessary actions carried out in case of necessity depending on each particular situation and, among others, include:

  • Termination of relations with related top managers and managerial staff as well as with persons relations with whom are built on the scheme stipulating for obtaining remuneration against conclusion of agreements often disadvantageous for the company
  • Change of the provisions or termination of all the agreements (contracts) concluded on unfavorable terms
  • Termination of sale of goods, works and services without cash basis accounting
  • Prevention of stealing the company’s property and other offences related to abuse of official powers
  • Introduction of control over the management of the company’s monetary assets and double control mechanism in the process of making payments, signing the agreements, shipping, receiving and discarding the property, inventory taking and discarding the fixed assets, norms of production residuals and practicability of certain quantity of personnel
  • Formation of effective system of control by imposing limits onto the manager of an executive body
  • Necessary dismissal of top management and other managerial officials
  • Ensuring construction of the management structure in such way that the legal, internal audit and economic security departments have an independent status
  • Introduction of periodic control over activities of the executive body by the supervisory board or the highest company body (depending on the form of incorporation)
  • Reconsideration of tariffs, payment grace periods, conclusion of the agreements on full material responsibility and their enforcement in court
  • Management of security activities, triple control over access to warehouses and storage areas, video surveillance devices and security measures
  • Introduction of the system of incentives and penalties