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GOLAW is a space for brave like-minded people! "Start not with “where” but with “who”. Start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats” – this dictum from Jim Collins’s book “Good to Great” illustrates the GOLAW’s approach to human resource management.


We prefer a team result and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support in the office. In addition to the professional qualities of our colleagues, we highly appreciate professional responsibility, honesty and conscientiousness in our work with clients.

Like any well-organized law firm, we are guided by a number of developed policies and procedures which form the system of labour organization and remuneration. We also have a number of undisputable advantages as a compact and flexible business entity. In particular, we adhere to the principle of active and constant involvement of young specialists in work on the complex projects of clients under the thorough control of supervisors of practices. This approach motivates lawyers to recognising their potential and enables them to reveal the prospects of each individual specialist for planning his role in the team.


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