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Transactions with real estate objects

Advising construction companies

Implementation of investment projects in the field of construction


GOLAW real estate team has considerable experience dealing with major construction companies, investment funds, financial institutions, developers and EPC contractors in the field of large-scale real estate greenfield and brownfield projects. 

We provide due diligence and comprehensive legal support during real estate acquisition and M&A transactions. In particular, the firm’s lawyers develop project finance, investment arrangements and  attraction models, provide preliminary audit of real estate or assets’ holder company, structuring the real estate transfer (both direct and indirect). 

We provide full legal support within the construction projects, drafting of FIDIC contracts and obtaining of permitting documents.

Our team deals with state owned property matters solving privatization and lease issues, PPP and concessions.

GOLAW provides complex consultancy on tax issues and dispute resolution, including dealing with encumbrances of real estate, foreclosure on assets, registration of ownership rights and arrange sale of the property at auctions.


  • Advising a Czech bank on the transfer of real estate to a mortgage

    Legal due diligence of an integral property complex and individual properties ordered by a Czech bank to identify the risks of collateralization of the above properties under a mortgage agreement. Drafting the text of the mortgage agreement and follow-up of its conclusion.

  • Consulting foreign investor in case of commercial real estate lease

    Representation of the interests of a French foreign investor (lessee) during conclusion of agreements on lease of commercial real estate. Negotiations with the landlord, preparation of lease agreements and required supporting documents.

  • Advising of developer on purchase of land plots

    Advisory services to a developer as regards purchase of land plots to change their status for residential and community development lands to construct a residential complex thereon. Identification and design of the ways of minimization of potential risks associated with purchase and sale transaction and subsequent change of the purpose of the lands.

  • Consulting in a case of foreclosure

    Advisory services to a foreign credit insurance company to design feasible options of foreclosure on the integral property complex owned by a Ukrainian debtor. Analysis of tax implications of the transaction and impact of the national currency regulations on feasibility of receipt of the transaction proceeds by non-resident.

  • Follow-up of a power station construction investment project

    Development, follow-up of conclusion and adjustment of the terms and conditions of EPC contract with a foreign counterparty to implement a power station construction investment project.

  • Advising on tax implications attributable to the foreclosure on the immovable property

    Advisory services to a Czech bank as regards tax implications attributable to the foreclosure on the immovable property via assumption of the title to such property, its sale to a third person, or via auction sale.

Key lawyers

Sergiy Oberkovych
  • Senior Partner, Attorney at law
Max Lebedev
  • Partner, Head of Corporate Law and M&A practice, Attorney at law
Oleksandr Melnyk
  • Senior Associate, Attorney at law
Valentyn Gvozdiy
  • Managing Partner, Attorney at law, PhD
Igor Glushko
  • Partner, Head of Criminal Law and White Collar Defence practice, Attorney at law
Kateryna Manoylenko
  • Partner, Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice, Attorney at law
Iryna Kalnytska
  • Partner, Head of Tax practice, Restructuring, Claims and Recoveries practice, Attorney at law
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Galina Kočendova

Deputy Director at Claims Settlement and Debt Recovery Department
Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation (EGAP)

EGAP as a credit insurance corporation insuring credits connected with exports of goods and services from the Czech Republic against political and commercial risks has been co-operating with GOLAW for many years. Starting from the year of 2015 we have been co-operating very intensely. We really appreciate their progressive approach to solving complex legal issues of claims recovery in Ukraine. We have profited from GOLAW’s attorneys ability to select and follow a winning strategy and from their business oriented approach. As a result of this approach our insured bank foreclosed upon an asset that has been nearly lost due to unlawful action of the debtor and is close to substantial recovery.

Bulent Temel

Country General Director
Fiba Retail Ukraine

We have been using services of GOLAW for our various legal needs already for more than 8 years. GOLAW has a highly prepared team of tax practitioners with strength in international taxation and in accounting and reporting matters, which ensures a very strong position before the tax authorities. The team demonstrates years of experience and delivers high-quality services. We as Fiba Retail, with the two worldwide brands that we are representing in Ukraine (Marks & Spencer and GAP), have enough evidence to say that working with GOLAW has been working out for us in all legal components of support we have received, and I can comfortably say that we are a satisfied customer.

Andrii Konko

Oriflame Ukraine

Oriflame always adheres to the high standards of work and customer service. We do understand how important quality is, so we chose GOLAW lawyers who are sharing the same values with us. The GOLAW tax practice always professionally approaches our projects in Ukraine. The lawyers provide us with a high quality tax advisory support and accompany our tax audits. GOLAW team helped us in appealing tax notice-decisions, and thanks to the work of attorneys, all penalties were successfully cancelled. We can recommend GOLAW as we are confident in the quality, timeliness and professionalism of their work, which has been repeatedly proved by our own experience.

Aleksey Vilkhovoy

Georgian International Energy Corporation

The GOLAW Energy Team has extensive experience in implementation of solar projects in Ukraine. They have deep understanding of international legal framework as well as particularities of Ukrainian legislation, which is especially important for the foreign companies entering the Ukrainian market. The firm’s lawyers assisted us in  developing a winning strategy that helped us to save time and to launch our project timely and in accordance with  planned budget.

Serhii Drobyshev

Director General
Inditex Ukraine Group of Companies

By appealing to GOLAW experts we are always sure in their competence and the quality of the legal support.

Anna Chychyl

GAP Ukraine

GOLAW is a legal consultant, the coordinated team work of which allows us to feel that our business is protected and that it works for the positive perspective.

Vladyslav Burda

Company President
RedHead Family Corporation

They are very competent legal experts, outstanding professionals in corporate and criminal law. I really recommend these guys, this company. They are active, creative, and full of success-oriented ideas. This is an absolutely new generation of legal experts.

Artem Zubok

Finance Director
Red Bull Ukraine

We have been working with GOLAW for a long time and can certainly affirm its reputation of reliable and responsible partner in any legal and tax issues. The firm’s personnel is highly professional and client-oriented. All the requests are addressed in a smart and professional way with quick and to-the-point feedbacks. The in-depth knowledge and vast experience of GOLAW professionals meets the highest level of expectation of our company. The firm is also flexible in fees and tariffs.

Bulent Temel

Country General Director
Fiba Retail Ukraine

We have been using services of GOLAW for our various legal needs already for more than 7 years. With the leadership of Valentin Gvozdiy and Sergiy Oberkovych, GOLAW houses a very powerful and proficient lawyer team working in various fields, who are ready to grasp your needs and provide solutions. We as Fiba Retail, with the two worldwide brands that we are representing in Ukraine (Marks & Spencer and GAP), have enough evidence to say that working with GOLAW has been working out for us in all legal components of support we have received, and I can comfortably say that we are a satisfied customer.

Lesya Kurylko

Finance Director Ukraine
Oriflame Ukraine

In Oriflame we strongly believe that people who work together with us and share the same proactive approach achieve greater results. GOLAW attorneys have taken time to understand our business and Oriflame culture so they can help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals.What we appreciate is that they possess a can-do spirit, a winning attitude and never give up. The attorneys of this full-service law firm are outstanding professionals and because of their vast experience, they arrive at solutions quickly and save us money. We have great confidence in GOLAW and highly value our partnership.

Neil Rutherford

Project Development Director
Khmelnytsky Bio Power Plant (KBPP)

Since engaging GOLAW as our legal advisors, we have received an exceptionally high level and quality of legal services relating to the full range of issues associated with the development of a large biomass power plant. These services initially comprised full analysis and advice on all aspects of the business and legal issues regarding the establishment of the project. Then during the subsequent development of the project, GOLAW’s continuing advice and support was critical to its success. The services provided were of the very highest quality and always delivered quickly and efficiently. GOLAW always provided positive solutions to potential problems.

Ruben Oganyan

Head of Сredit risk department
ProCredit Bank

We highly appreciate professional legal assistance from GOLAW on supporting our bank as a lender in Ukraine. The firm is an ideal option for clients seeking advice on complex multi-jurisdictional transactions including syndicated lending and project finance transactions. They are extremely business-focused and solution-driven. It’s easy to work with the team as they listen to clients’ needs. The personal touch they have is beyond other firms.

Vitaliy Vergeles

Himagro Ukraine

Our company is moving forward and takes leading positions for quite a long time thanks to the professional support from GOLAW. We can definitely say that our business is well protected and ready for any challenge.In particular, we are working with the GOLAW tax practice when it comes to appealing the tax audits results. Due to the truly professional work of the practice, all penalties charged upon the results of inspections are cancelled. Moreover, the lawyers always get the reimbursement of legal assistance costs to our company. We believe that to prevent any risk you need to act properly, thus we have certainly made the right choice of a legal adviser.

Vitaliy Vantsa


Mercator Medical LLC has been cooperating with GOLAW Law Firm for more than 10 years. The company’s team professionally resolves the entire list of tasks and challenges facing our business. The lawyers of the firm are proactive in adopting the best possible strategy and its successful implementation in every single project. The company provides high-quality legal advice to Mercator Medical on a wide range of regulatory issues, including: certification of our products, compliance assessment support of medical and protective products with the requirements of technical regulations and general issues of circulation of medical products in Ukraine.


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